Snow Fences

I first noticed snow fences when I took a trip in January 2020 to visit my cousin and aunt in St. Paul. The snow was deep and the sky was white so there you could not even see the horizon because it all blended into one -- except for the snow fences. I couldn't take my eyes off them. They stood out so much. They were so different, each line, each post. Some laid down. Some broken off. They held back the snow. They held up each other. I took photos and started painting them. I love them. They make me cry sometimes. They are so moving. The virus came about the same time. I've not stopped painting them. It's all I can paint right now. The snow fences bring me peace. And quiet. And solitude, sometimes. They cry for me. 

The snow fences are named by numbers, Roman Numerals, because the Roman Numerals look like snow fences. The prices are also snow fences.